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Loving Paw Print Ash Holder Necklace in Sterling Silver


Loving Paw Print Ash Holder Necklace in Sterling Silver
item # N9438

Commemorate the devotion of your faithful companion with this keepsake vessel that can be filled with a lock of hair, cremated remains or any small reminder of your beloved pet. Designed from Tarnish resistant rhodium plated silver, this memorial necklace measuring 3/4" in diameter features an enameled paw print and hearts on the front, a polished back, a secure twist-on top and a matching 18-inch chain. For added security, we recommend sealing the vessel with a permanent adhesive after filling it with your precious memento. Included with each purchase is a small funnel for filling and a comforting scripture card with the following poem and verses printed in English and Spanish. A Part Of You - It is always hard letting go. You should be here with me. It is hard to understand it all as I hold on to your memory. But it gives me peace to carry a precious part of you. Until the day my life I live on earth will be through. Together again we'll be. This time with no more tears, but until that sweet day arrives I'm keeping you forever near. VERSES: Psalm 23:4, Luke 2:29

Product Highlights & Features
* A special way to remember a beloved pet
* Designed from sterling silver & black enamel
* Features a twist-on top and a small funnel for filling
* To preserve contents add a drop of glue onto the screw threads

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